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Язык программирования Python
.:: PROGRAMMIST ::. Python
Databases and Persistence : Top : Computers : Programming : Languages : Python : Modules : Databases and Persistence
FAQTs - Knowledge Base - faqts : Computers : Programming : Languages : Python
GUI Programming with Python: QT Edition
Mark Hammond's Python Extensions
PyChecker: a python source code checking tool
pygame - python game development
Python start page
Python.promsoft - ссылки на ресурсы
PyUt -- Python UML tool
Spyce - Python Server Pages
Pure-Python: Дом
wxWorkshop Home
PEAK enterprise api | A Technical Journal for Python Developers
Welcome to the Python Apocrypha
Yahoo! Groups : python-announce-list Messages : Message 457 of 2917
Семинар по программированию на Python
bluedynamics Products
The Web Framework Shootout
Software snippets
The OPAL Group Open Source Projects
PythonNotes - Dorsey Wiki
PythonLanguage - ThinkiThinki
Objects by Design: Python + UML Example
Search in wxPython Maillists:
Vladimir's Python site
CodePedia -> BeginnersGuideToPython
SchoolTool | Home Page
Drawing inheritance diagrams with "Dot"
IBM OS390 Python 2.2 port
ObjectRelationalMappersForPython - ThinkiThinki
Ian Bicking
dchud's work log : project/sentinel/form2-user_ui-overview
Python forum
TWiki . Doc . PythonDatabaseModules
O'Reilly Network: Making the switch to Python [Mar. 09, 2004]
Developing Web Applications with Quixote
Содержание форума # 4
FormEncode 0.1
Python Programmer Weblogs
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Python
Python - Википедия